Sunday, November 7, 2010

PARIS Bike Film Festival

So today was the BFF in Paris. Had a blast it was raining but the event was indoor which made it so much nicer. They had some nice ramps set up, free red bulls, lots of great prizes, as well as lots of people. I didn't get to many photos kinda hard riding and taking pics at the same time but here is what I got and some pics Felix got for me. Also I saw some of the most Gnar falls ever at the trick comp people crashing into each other, falling on their heads, people falling on one another it was insane.
1st Place:Michael Chacon
2nd Place:Simon Andraca
3rd place:Felix Dol
Thanks a lot for the prizes they are great almost got about half a bike =]

^ Homeboy fell pretty bad

Simon Andraca

After the trick comp we went to eat at this nice little restaurant had a bacon double cheese burger soo bomb!

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