Tuesday, May 31, 2011

OTW shanghai/japan mixtape

Mister Cartoon is one of the sickest artist to date in my eyes. I love all the OG writing and Gangster stuff he dose. Check out this video there are some sickkk pieces he did in there. Cant wait to work with him soon

SNDTRCK: Felix on Canal J

The little homie Felix from Paris got on a local News station in Paris, France. I met him when I was in Paris about 2 months ago and gave him a Chacon shirt and some free hold fast straps. Kids only like 12 13 and shredding it up. Check it out.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oscar Khan

My boy Oscar Khan from London killin it as usual.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Ive been wanting to learn this trick for soo long. I finally learned how to do it so caught a quick flick of it. Check it out

Stoked On Fixed Bikes ONLINE Magazine

I was Featured in this Magazine. There are some pictures of me when I was in London hanging out with some friends. Really sick check it out. Thanks a lot to Greg Falski for getting those rad shots.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Packy Golan for Palms Cycle

Palms Cycle was one of my first Legit sponsors. I have been with them since the beginning and they have treated me well. There are other kids on the team who are moving up and one of them is Packy. Here is his edit for Palms Cycle. Kid id getting better forshure since I first met him at UCLA. Check it out.

Lowrider Coloring Book

I love old Impalas. This Lowrider Coloring book looks sick. I wish I was good at coloring so I could make my own unique lowrider. Check it out theres some nice cars in there.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Air Jordan True Blue III Retro

Man ive been waiting for these bad boys to drop for a while now. June 4th is the release date which is coming up really quick. Retail will be $150

Houghton Nights

My boy Joe Mckeag killing it in this video.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Sick Picture

Shiokaze 2011

Man I cant wait to get to Japan and sesh up with the boys from W-Base check out this video.

Friday, May 20, 2011


So on June 8th I am going on a Journey to Indonesia Jakarta and Bali . Leader Bikes is sending some riders up there for Rocket Fixed Fest trick Competition. Im actually really excited to go and meet all the Indonesia Riders as well as go to Bali and just lay out at the beach and just chill with my fellow team mates from Leader. Wish us Luck.

Here is the formal invitation:

As you know, (well, we assume you’ve heard of Indonesia’s first fixie shop, Rocket -our reputation precedes us, to be honest – we relish the infamy) we’ll be holding our annual Fixed Gear Festival on Saturday June 11th, 2011 at Auto Mall, SCBD [Blok I 16/17. Jl.Jend.Sudirman, Lot 6. Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia] And we’d be stoked if you could attend, so take this letter as a semi-formal cordial invitation or something of the sort just to let you know what events we’ll be having, and a little bit more about our background. (drumroll) Last year’s FixedFest was insane, with a whole slew of veteran riders, newbies, the hard & the beautiful turning up. With an unexpected turnout of 500+ (you have to remember how relatively new the fixed gear scene was to Indonesia then), the vibe was somewhat…spiritual? Nah, it was just really cool to have a bunch of guys & girls all as equally obsessed with this beautiful new thing we could do outside and around the city anytime we wanted, gathered in one place. Natch, this year promises to be equally, gloriously fun and then some- We’ve got a full day of racing; alleycat (checkpoints upfront), mini & relays throughout the city – if this is your first time in Jakarta’s tra”c> God bless you. We’ve got goldsprint & trick battles, a Polo bike exhibition, a bazaar, some awesome djs, because really, the best way to wrap up a day of sweaty riding is with one massive closing party in which it is not just your right, but your duty to party. Plus, Emi Brown, Michael Chacon, Chas Christiansen, Matt Spencer, Terrence Patrick & Patrick Thames are coming too. (name-dropping / bragging rights) So if you’ve got the skills & guts to get gritty, race & get ridiculously wrecked with us in one of the world’s most infamously chaotic cities, we urge you to register by filling the attached form, sending it to fixedfest@gmail.com & to be at the venue by 8 AM on the day to pay the registration fee and also to stake out the competition, warm up or any other pre-race rituals you may have (the stranger, the better). We really hope the general vibe of this year’s festival will be laid-back, a community from all over the world getting together to ride, put the spotlight on Jakarta for a day. We’ve enclosed a list of hotels around the area to make it a little easier for you guys to find a place to stay at.

*this is the disclaimer that’s usually in tiny font, but we’re nice here at Rocket,

we’ve only got two rules ;
1. Your bike’s gotta be a fixed gear bike (like, duh) and
2. You’ve gotta have proper safety equipment, cuz if you’re going brakeless, it’s at your own risk.
Other than that, we just want good times. See you soon!

Robby Susilo (CFO, Rocket)


Highsnobiety TV - A Set Free Minute with Mr. Cartoon on 50 Cent

AJ Austin Bike Check

This shit is Funny. The Mike Schmitt voice "You know whats good" priceless haha check it out for a quick laugh

Paris Vision

Watching this video makes me miss the streets of Paris. I love it there so much compared to Los Angeles because the fact that everything is super old I love it. Check out this video.


The homies over at The HEAVY PEDAL have some new Bike FXD stickers. Reallty digging these swoop up some at Theheavypedal.com

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Geometrick is a Fixed Gear Freestyle Crew who all hang out together, ride together and travel together as well. There isint to many groups around like this. Each Time I have gone to Paris I have hung out with these guys and each and everyone of them is super down to earth and love what I love which is Riding bikes. Check out this little teaser video. Hope to see them in my hood soon LA.


Danny D gets down on Painting Low-riders. Maybe one day he will paint one of my cars =]


I was Invited to enter and ride the Red bull Ride&STYLE trick comp and it was such success. The turn out was crazy there was 5000+ just watching the trick riders ride. Overall I took 6th place but I was happy to ride with the best of the best Fixed Gear riders for a day and meet new riders who I haven't met before. Check out this video dose not cover the full thing but a few clips in there of me.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Met this kid in SF for a quick sec. Real chill and is getting a lot better at riding and going bigger. Check out his newest edit. That bar down the 8 was too clean..


THE Video is finally up check it ou

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Steven Jensen Skylmt Part coming 5.18.2011

So when I was with Colby Elrick Filming he showed me Steven Jensens Part for Skylmt and all I have to say is theres some stuff in there I havent seen anyone do on a Fixed Gear yet. Even though a lot of the top Fixed Gear riders had seen it at the Oakley store for the Red Bull Comp other people are about to go crazy. Steven Jensen is a really cool guy real down to earth and a kills on BMX and Fixed Gear. Check out this Teaser I think the Full Part is coming out tomorrow so stoked to watch is again.

Mister Cartoon Mural at SA Studio

Today I went out to SA studio and Mister Cartoon was there. We hung out and talked for a while. check out this Mural on the wall. Even though I've seen it before it amazes me every time how good he is. The photo is shitty but the art is amazing. Also peep some of the many Trophies he has won at car shows due to his sick collection of cars.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Video ive been working on for a little bit CHECK IT OUT got some nice tricks in there.

Monday, May 9, 2011


I met Corey a while back and I have to say this edit is killer dude has gotten so much better. Check it out

Friday, May 6, 2011


The whole US VERSUS THEM team was out at the Red Bull comp this past weekend. Had a blast over all took 6th place super stoked!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mike on a bike in LONDON part II

While I was in London I met up with my fellow mates from the 5th floor. The first day we hit up south bank here are some shots Angus Sung got check it out!!