Friday, May 20, 2011


So on June 8th I am going on a Journey to Indonesia Jakarta and Bali . Leader Bikes is sending some riders up there for Rocket Fixed Fest trick Competition. Im actually really excited to go and meet all the Indonesia Riders as well as go to Bali and just lay out at the beach and just chill with my fellow team mates from Leader. Wish us Luck.

Here is the formal invitation:

As you know, (well, we assume you’ve heard of Indonesia’s first fixie shop, Rocket -our reputation precedes us, to be honest – we relish the infamy) we’ll be holding our annual Fixed Gear Festival on Saturday June 11th, 2011 at Auto Mall, SCBD [Blok I 16/17. Jl.Jend.Sudirman, Lot 6. Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia] And we’d be stoked if you could attend, so take this letter as a semi-formal cordial invitation or something of the sort just to let you know what events we’ll be having, and a little bit more about our background. (drumroll) Last year’s FixedFest was insane, with a whole slew of veteran riders, newbies, the hard & the beautiful turning up. With an unexpected turnout of 500+ (you have to remember how relatively new the fixed gear scene was to Indonesia then), the vibe was somewhat…spiritual? Nah, it was just really cool to have a bunch of guys & girls all as equally obsessed with this beautiful new thing we could do outside and around the city anytime we wanted, gathered in one place. Natch, this year promises to be equally, gloriously fun and then some- We’ve got a full day of racing; alleycat (checkpoints upfront), mini & relays throughout the city – if this is your first time in Jakarta’s tra”c> God bless you. We’ve got goldsprint & trick battles, a Polo bike exhibition, a bazaar, some awesome djs, because really, the best way to wrap up a day of sweaty riding is with one massive closing party in which it is not just your right, but your duty to party. Plus, Emi Brown, Michael Chacon, Chas Christiansen, Matt Spencer, Terrence Patrick & Patrick Thames are coming too. (name-dropping / bragging rights) So if you’ve got the skills & guts to get gritty, race & get ridiculously wrecked with us in one of the world’s most infamously chaotic cities, we urge you to register by filling the attached form, sending it to & to be at the venue by 8 AM on the day to pay the registration fee and also to stake out the competition, warm up or any other pre-race rituals you may have (the stranger, the better). We really hope the general vibe of this year’s festival will be laid-back, a community from all over the world getting together to ride, put the spotlight on Jakarta for a day. We’ve enclosed a list of hotels around the area to make it a little easier for you guys to find a place to stay at.

*this is the disclaimer that’s usually in tiny font, but we’re nice here at Rocket,

we’ve only got two rules ;
1. Your bike’s gotta be a fixed gear bike (like, duh) and
2. You’ve gotta have proper safety equipment, cuz if you’re going brakeless, it’s at your own risk.
Other than that, we just want good times. See you soon!

Robby Susilo (CFO, Rocket)

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