Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Video!!!!

Been beating up my new signature frame "The Hurricane" Took it to some spots I wanted to be sure that this is a sturdy product worth paying for. Did some jumps and grind spots I have done before but just wanted to be sure this frame was comfortable and reliable. Very impressed with what Leader Bikes has done with this frame, I hope everyone is as pleased as I am with it. Enjoy the Video
Filmed by Rory Mcdermott and Jamil Gray
Edited by: ME

Biking all day!!

So yesterday me Jamil and Rory went out to an Elementary school and did tricks for kids thanks to one of my family members who got me to do this. The kids loved it. It was Extreme Sports week at camp so we came out and did some tricks for them, Signed some autographs and just had a great time. After we were done we went out to a new Skate Plaza in Westchester and rode for a bit. Saw one of the homies Eddie who rides BMX and wanted to get some flicks of him riding. Check it out

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Leader Welcomes Matt Montoya

Met Matt a few months back in Sacramento and right away we became homies. Real chill mellow cat. Check out his newest video for Leader

Westchester Skate Plaza

There is a new Skate Plaza that just opened last week. About 10 minutes from my house and it is pretty dope. Nice little stair set kicker banks ledges everything you pretty much need to have fun. Lots of skaters but bikes are welcome im guessing since no one said anything. Check it out if you have time or are in the area.

Friday, July 22, 2011


The Leader Hurricane is a standard trick track Geometry frame just like Leaders first trick bike the 729 TRK. The frame is much more solid and does not have the signature gusset anymore. After trying all of the Fixed Gear Freestyle frames from Leader I have to say this frame is my favorite, because it still has the geometry I love but I can also ride the frame without being worried of it breaking in a short amount of time. The frame is really responsive when doing tricks. Going backwards feels great, much more stable then some frames I have ridden before. I'm really stoked on getting my own Signature "Chacon" Hurricane frame coming soon. The design work will be pretty cool. Thanks a lot to Leader for making this happen for me. Stay Tuned while I still shred this bike up. Edit coming soon.

Some Features
-Different Colors as well as my special edition RED with Flake.
-Drop Outs will be changed.
-Good enough Bar-spin Clearance
-Integrated head set
-Mid BB
-14mm Drop Outs
-Tire Clearance 45C+ (Have some RESIST 45c NOMAD tires on now and still have lots of room. Going to buy bigger and see the biggest I can fit but I love my Resist Tires)
-Old School Trick Track GEOMETRY.

Retail will be around $400 plus some change but you will not be disappointed in this frame.

Also Remember it is still a Prototype the production Model will look much cleaner.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Chop 'em Down Films Presents: Summer Fix 2011

The Homie Zane from US Versus Them finished this video to quick. The event was on Saturday and already Monday an edit up. So sick I got a few clips up in there check it out really digging the edit.

Packy Golan - Summer Fix 2

The little homie Packy took 1st place AM at Summer Fixed 2. Dude is getting better and better check out this quick video from the comp.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Fixed 2

So today was LA Brakless 2nd anual Fixed Gear Trick Comp Summer Fixed. A lot of people came out and rode as well as spectated. Had a blast seeing all the riders again and meeting new people. Check out some flicks I got as well as my homie Andrew.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Undefeated Love Pt2

So today I went out to Santa Monica on my lunch break to go and meet Alex. One of the people who have been with Undefeated since the beginning. We talked a bit and dude is super chill. Stoked to be sponsored by such a sick Clothing company, that I liked before I even started biking. Thanks a lot to Undefeated got mad love for you guys.

Space Jam Dunks

Inspired by some Jordans inspired by a movie, the “Space Jam” Nike SB Dunk Lows have had readers’ attention since they were first previewed months ago. And finally, we have a release date for you stateside heads who’ve had to wait longer than our overseas counterparts. Unfortunately though, it’s still a month away. The patent leather-dressed Dunks will drop in the States on July 23rd at select skate shops.

Ricardo Lino

I met Ricardo while I was in Portugal for the Westfixed trick competition and right away he treated my like family. Got me a place to stay, and got us rides all around to trick out and have fun. I had a good time hanging with this guys and he loves to ride. Check out this video me made for the Grime crew. That last clip was insane cant wait to see the landing.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Michael Chacon X Estevan Oriol X Falken Tire - Taking the Ford Flex to the Westside

Filmed with Estevan Oriol and Willie Toledo for a day. Thanks a lot for shooting this sick video for me. Peep it out.

Undefeated Converse

So today I went out to Silver Lake to swoop up these kicks that are not even out yet. Thanks to James Bond for the hook up. This is what I call a legit sponsor. Will post more pics of what I swoop this week. Thanks to Undefeated and SA Studio Fam for everything going on.

Summer Fix 2011 this Saturday!!!!

So stoked LAB is throwing this comp again. This will be the 2nd year and I think it shall be a lot bigger. Info here on whats going on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Looks like its going to be so much fun.

Josh Deardorff for Leader

Leader Fam holding it down

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fixed Bike Dice

Fixed Bikedice. Venice Beach. Michael Chacone, Steve Marco, Rory Mcdermott and Jamil Grey. from Bikedice on Vimeo.

Video of Jamil Gray, Rory Mcdermott, Steve Marco, and I playing a game of bike dice. Check it out


My Homie Joe is killing it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nike 4D event

Went to this Nike event tonight with Jamil and my girlfriend. Had a good time saw some people I know and just hung out. Thanks a lot to my peps at Nike sportswear for the Invite. Here are some pics I took Enjoy.
The 4D capsule collection features the Phantom 4D, Nike Air Max 90 + Hurley, a custom-created Livery Design Gruppe (LDG) fixed-gear bike, hand-painted with the Dalek 4D visual.