Friday, July 22, 2011


The Leader Hurricane is a standard trick track Geometry frame just like Leaders first trick bike the 729 TRK. The frame is much more solid and does not have the signature gusset anymore. After trying all of the Fixed Gear Freestyle frames from Leader I have to say this frame is my favorite, because it still has the geometry I love but I can also ride the frame without being worried of it breaking in a short amount of time. The frame is really responsive when doing tricks. Going backwards feels great, much more stable then some frames I have ridden before. I'm really stoked on getting my own Signature "Chacon" Hurricane frame coming soon. The design work will be pretty cool. Thanks a lot to Leader for making this happen for me. Stay Tuned while I still shred this bike up. Edit coming soon.

Some Features
-Different Colors as well as my special edition RED with Flake.
-Drop Outs will be changed.
-Good enough Bar-spin Clearance
-Integrated head set
-Mid BB
-14mm Drop Outs
-Tire Clearance 45C+ (Have some RESIST 45c NOMAD tires on now and still have lots of room. Going to buy bigger and see the biggest I can fit but I love my Resist Tires)
-Old School Trick Track GEOMETRY.

Retail will be around $400 plus some change but you will not be disappointed in this frame.

Also Remember it is still a Prototype the production Model will look much cleaner.


  1. Hey Mike, thats a great looking bike, what kinda rimms is that?

  2. What kind of rims are you rolling with?