Saturday, August 13, 2011

Leader 735TR

I have been talking to Leader Bikes for a while now and wanted to build a track bike. Finally got the chance to get everything I needed and now here is my finished build. Bike rides and looks very nice love it. Thanks lots to Leader bikes and Palms Cycle for hooking me up with stuff I needed. Really appreciate it.
Frame: Leader Bikes 735TR
Fork: Leader 105 TR
Bars: Nitto Drop bars
Stem: Leader Plisken
Headset: Fsa
Wheels: Alex X Leader rims.
Hubs: Leader Cyclone
Cranks: Sram Omnium 48t
Pedals: Primo Plastic
Straps: Michael Chacon Hold Fast


  1. Sick bike. Cant wait tell your Leader frame.Might pick one up.