Thursday, September 9, 2010

Redline Bikes: 2011 Urbis Nox

New Redline bike coming out looks pretty sweet, but also looks a lot like the Leader Shadow. Me and some friends were talking the other day, and they were saying how this happens all the time frame company copy other frame company designs and such. Not to the fullest but you can see a resemblance just like this frame and the Leader shadow. The gusset, wish bone were leaders idea for the shadow but company's will always be ripping off other company ideas. Cant wait to go to Inter Bike and see all the new bikes coming out it should be an adventure.

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  1. I helped design this frame last year and had never seen the leader and Redline has been making BMX bikes and working with raised bottom brackets and frames and forks that except pegs way before Leader was even a idea at all. It's not a rip off at all and the Geometry would have to be identical to truly be a rip off...

    Redline would never kids come on.....